Monday, May 13, 2013

{Book review} Asylum by Jenny E. Miller

Author: Jenny E. Miller
Title: Asylum
Series: Asylum #1
Genre: Young adult, historical-paranormal romance
My e-copy: from author for review
Purchase: Amazon
My rating: four feet

June Foster’s summer is limping along. Her life on a 1950′s farm in eastern Washington is boring–full of milking cows, picking apricots and tending to the chicken coops. Her only friends are her record player and her books. But when gorgeous, turquoise-eyed Frank falls into her world, her life becomes anything but ordinary.
June falls for Frank hard and fast–he’s beautiful, impossibly strong, and capable of things ordinary humans are not. But she’s wary about his father Jonas, a creepy man with an agenda. She should be. Suddenly June is deathly ill, falling in and out of consciousness. When she recovers, June and Frank discover Jonas’s deadly plans for her–and June takes revenge.
Convicted of murder, declared insane and sentenced to life at Washington Pines Sanitarium, June is stuck. Jonas’s plans are reaching her beyond the grave, and she suspects that there’s a lot more going on in the sanitarium than group therapy and electric shocks. Something evil has followed her here, or maybe it was waiting for her all along. If Frank doesn’t break her out soon, she’ll lose her mind–and her life.
My thoughts:

I loved this book, at least I did after a while. It was well written and you never knew what happens next in this book and that will keep your interest in the story. It was fun to read a story who took place in the 1950's with both the paranormal aspect and insanity part it was a great mix that really made this story intriguing.

At first I had some problems with the main character, she felt so distant to everything that was happening to her. Like she had no feelings at all, but after a while when I got to know her better I really liked her character and sort of understood her as well. she has a very strong mind and sometimes perhaps a little too strong and I think that is one reason I felt like she was emotionless at some points in the story. But how would one cope with everything she has been trough. Perhaps just like that.

I loved, loved, loved mr superboy Frank. Even though he was something out of the ordinary he was so down to earth and realistic. He was June's anchor I think in this story.

This book had a real cliffhanger and I can't wait to read more of this story. By the end I was so hooked I thought there was something wrong with my kindle since I couldn't change page after that last line. I couldn't believe that was the end! I am so curious about what will come next and how June will handle it.

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