Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tune in Tuesday with NONONO

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Sometimes you just need to support a local artist right? So I thought I would do just that this week. I´m not usually fond of Swedish music. Weather they sing in Swedish or English it is just not my style but this Swedish band is AWESOME! They are kind of new and are working on their debut album right now and it will be released in August I think. The band is called NONONO and the song I love is called "Pumpin blood"

This next song by them  is also amazing and both can be found on spotify aswell.

Down under by NONONO


CeCe said...

Wow. Great band! You got me dancing : )

Katelyn said...

What a great band! I am so glad you introduced me to them because I have a feeling their album is going to be all sorts of amazing when it releases!

LitzaLou said...

Ooh, I like them! Sounds like they're well on their way to an awesome career. Thanks for the introduction!