Friday, July 5, 2013

Book review: Abomination by Lauren Hodge

Author: Lauren Hodge
Title: Abomination
Series: The Discord triology #2
Genre: Paranormal romance
My rating: 4 feet

Taralie Severin and her sisters have secured a non-aggression pact with the rulers of the vampire world, the Noricum. Having relocated to Cannon Beach, Oregon, Alexander prepares to marry his beloved Tara. But when an encounter with average vampires goes wrong, the Severin coven's fragile amnesty with the Noricum is destroyed. With the supremacy of their rule challenged, the Noricum set out to restore the balance of power, leaving the Severin family two choices - Die on their feet, or live on their knees.

My thoughts:

I really liked this second book of the series and I am so looking forward to the third and final book.
This time we get the story from Alex point of view and I really enjoyed that. It felt like we got to know him a bit better when let into his mind. Even though Tara and her sisters are lead charachters in book one it feels more like Alex is the lead charachter in book two. We get to follow him through sorrow and happiness. He gets to marry his Tara whom he loves above all else but the happiness does not last long for either of them.
Even though this book is really sad we get alot of funny moments that made me laught out lound. During some parts of the book I had trouble reding it in public since I just started laughing and people start to look at me like im crazy. lol!

One thing in the book that im not sure that I liked was that we where kind of put on a side trail that in it self was not bad but it felt like it was just there to fill pages. So at the moment I don´t like it being there BUT as book three comes I am sure that Lauren has something up her sleves and it will all make sence for it to be there.

We get to see Tara through Alex eyes and that was great. When they all lose a person they love Tara does not cope with it as well as the others and Alex is there to try and pick up the pieces left of her. At that time I just wanted to cry because he felt so helpless.

Towards the end of the story everything just came crashing down and we were left with a huge cliffhanger that makes me want book four today! I just have to know what will happen to Alex and Tara.

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