Friday, July 5, 2013

ARC book review: Angel of Mercy by Shannon Dermott

Author: Shannon Dermott
Title: Angel of Mercy
Series: Cambion #3
Genre: New adult, paranormal romance
My copy: ARC from author
My rating: 5 feet

Mercy struggles to put the broken pieces of her life back together, including her relationship. With loss that cuts deep, she’s on a mission to make right all the things that have gone wrong. With someone hell bent on coming between her and her heart, her perilous adventures run light speed ahead. And it’s not only is her life in jeopardy. Who will ultimately determine her fate and that of her friends?

My thoughts:

I just finished the last page of this phenomenal book and OMG did i love it! Shannon you really brought out all of my emotions for this one. I was lifted high into the clouds and then down in hell. I laughed, I cried, I was pissed of at times and when it ended it had me just staring out at nothing in chock. I must say that this series is the only one that has been able to bring out this much emotion from me. I am just inlove with the story and all the charachters that it´s a pain everytime i read the last page of one of these books. It means that I have to wait to get another glimpse into their story.

Angel of Mercy is by far the most emotional of the books in this series in my opinion. It just feels raw and it was hard not to be swept away in Mercys emotions.
Mercy is such a lovable charachter and she has to deal with so many things. Everything she felt, I felt too. In my world that´s what I call good writing. 
Mercy, Luke, Flynn and the rest of the gang is in for hardship in this book and we get to follow them through it all. A lot of questions are answered but also some new questions pop up that I truly hope we get answered. 
The most hartbreaking of all is the love triangle of Mercy, Luke and Flynn. I love both of the guys and so it´s hard to choose wich one I wanted Mercy to end up with. This book ended with a huge cliffhanger so I will be utterly disapointed if we don´t get a book four! Please Shannon!

I don´t want to write more since I am very keen on not spoling anything for you guys but one last thing I can say is you will absolutely love this emotional rollercoster of a book!

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