Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book ramblings by a book blogger

When I started this book blog two years ago all I wanted to do was to read and to review the books I've read. Hopefully someone would like the review and get inspired to read the book themselves. I still want that but I also feel so lucky to have met other bloggers and authors along the way in this really big book blog community. A whole new world opened up when I entered this blog community. I've had contact with so many fun Authors I would have never met otherwise and also been privileged to read so many awesome books.

This year have been kind of down for me when it comes to blogging and reading. Thank god for my sister. It's times like this it's good to be two people who manage the blog. My pregnancy has been really hard on me and my body. Because of that I've sort of neglected this blog and my reading. I am actually 30% behind in my reading challenge this year. But I feel like I'm on my way back to the living. I'm not working right now and I only have four weeks left until due date. I'm hoping I will have more energy to blog now when I'm not working anymore. I have a whole year ahead of me to be at home with my soon to be two children. During nap time I'm planning to blog, so I really hope to be more active here again and help out my sister a little so she doesn't have to do everything blog related by her self. That was the idea when we decided to blog together.


Goldie @ My Book Musings said...

Good luck on your pregnancy! Have a safe one, and congrats on your new angel :)

cecilia pedersen said...

Thank you Goldie.