Thursday, August 8, 2013

{Paranormal Thursday} Rachel Higginson

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Rachel Higginson

I came across this author when she had her book as a freebie on Amazon and I just thought, hmm this sounds interesting. And it was. I love this author's writing style. She really knows how to keep you on your toes and how to hold on to the suspense. She gives nothing away and that makes the story really intriguing. I am looking forward to hear more from her in the future. You can read more about Higginson on Goodreads.
The book on show case today is The Rush, the first book in The Siren series.

A life not her own—A future already decided.
Every facet of Ivy Pierce’s life is meticulously planned out and plotted. Cynical and jaded by sixteen, Ivy’s only hope is to escape the legacy she was born into.
She has a plan, a carefully thought out, feasible plan. She just has to play by the rules until everything falls into place. Unfortunately as predictable as her life can be, she never sees Ryder Sutton coming. He tumbles into her life unimpressed and untouched by her and the life she lives. He’s an enigma to her. A gorgeous, frustrating, sincere mystery and a complete phenomenon in the ugly world she lives in.
What blooms between them is a fiercely intense attraction that cannot be ignored. Even though they would both be better off without each other—Even if both their lives depend on staying apart.

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