Friday, July 29, 2011


TGIF is a fun little feature
hosted at GReads! Every week we re-cap what has happened on the blog plus Ginger asks a question for us to answer.

This Friday's Question:

Character Envy: If you could be one character from a book,
who would you choose & why?

This was a really tricky one I must say! There are several characters I envy in some ways due to their personality and parts of their lives. The problem is that most of them have kind of big issues and bad stuff happening to them.I love the strength and determination that some of the characters have and that is something I wish some more of in myself.
Therefore I think I will have to choose either Claire from The Morganville series or Bella from the Twilight saga. And also they have some nice boys in their love lives hehe.


C.J Duggan said...

Oooh I have the entire Morganville Vampires series waiting to be read on my book shelf! This makes me want to go and read them.

New follower!

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Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

I love the name of your blog! I agree with the men in Claire and Bella's lives...Yum!

mrs_laura_koehler said...

I havent read the morganville series yet must check it out. But agree Bella is a great choice. Check out who I chose if you get a chance.
great blog

thelibrarianreads said...

Oooh, I chose Bella too. I just want to experience that insta-all-consuming love, lol. And maybe turn into a vampire, haha, not for real but for the space of a book. I approve of your choice ;)

KristinCanRead said...

Love this meme. Sad I missed it! Blog Hop & Follow Friday!