Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wonderfully Wicked read-a-thon wrap-up

I´m done with the book I had decided to read during this Read-a-Thon and I had a really fun time during it as well. I entered two challenges and also had a teaser of the book I read.

I read Dark seeker by Taryn Browning. It was an really amazing book to say the least and I will have a review of the book up shortly but let me say this, I will rate it 5 stars! I just loved it that much! I´m not exactly sure what this wrap-up is suppose to contain but anyway that is how my read-a-thon went for me. I only read one book but it was amazing. 

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kimba88 said...

took a break from reading during the WW read-a-thon to follow your blog. Would love for you to follow mine: