Monday, November 5, 2012

Contemporary Romance Monday: Claudia Carroll

In this feature we will highlight an author and a book that we really enjoy reading from in the contemporary romance genre. There are so many great books out there and so many awesome authors. So this is a chance for us to recommend some books and authors that we or one of us really like. 
I hope you will like this feature and if you like to join in with a recommendation. Leave a comment and/or the url to your own blog post. 


I love ironic humor! The funniest romances you could ever wish for have it. Romance and Humor in one book!! Perfect! Marian Keyes is so good at ironic humor! But another equally good at that art form is Claudia Carroll! You just have to love her books and she also have the funniest titles on her books. It couldn´t be any better if you ask me. This author might also fit in the chick lit category, but to be honest with you I am not really sure what that genre include. So for me this is contemporary romance light. Not to much focus on the sex part (sometimes no sex at all or only implied). The focus is more on the romancing part. Or the hundred ways our heroine can fuck up a relationship with the opposite sex! Very funny books to read if you ask me. Funny yet very sweet. You can read more about Claudia Carroll on goddreads and on

I Never fancied him anyway by Claudia Carroll

Cassandra can see the future with 100% accuracy . . . for everybody except herself.
Ever since Cassandra was a little girl, she's had a remarkable psychic gift. Now a successful columnist for a weekly magazine, she predicts the future with uncanny precision. And thanks to her stunning co-worker Charlene--and the latest love of Charlene's life, hot television producer Jack--Cassandra's moving up . . . to daytime TV
The trouble is, whenever Jack's around, the hapless seer's second sight goes dim--something that always seems to happen when a desirable single male is around. But despite a truly abysmal dating record, she believes Jack is the one for her . . . though Charlene might strongly disagree. Is true love or outrageous catastrophe right around the corner? Cassandra doesn't have a clue. But it seems even being able to foretell the future can't protect her from what destiny has in store . . . and sometimes fate won't allow you to look before you love.
Delightfully warm, odd, and unforgettable, Claudia Carroll's "I Never Fancied Him Anyway" is a quirky and hilarious story of seeing . . . and believing.

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kimbacaffeinate said...

This sounds like delightful and funny read. I like that it has a little supernatural element to it.. thanks for sharing it!