Tuesday, December 25, 2012

{Book review} Wildblossom by Cynthia Wright

Author: Cynthia Wright
Title: Wildblossom
Series: The Mathews novels #2
Genre: Adult, historical romance
My copy: Kindle freebie
Purchase:Amazon, kindle 
My rating: 4 stars

Impetuous and outrageous, Shelby Matthews had come up with the perfect plan to make money for the family cattle ranch. Disguised as a cowboy, she lured Geoffrey Weston, a stranger, into a poker game, only to lose the Sunshine Ranch to the deceptive British artistocrat. It looks like Shelby has met her match--even at roundup time, and their love nurtured by smoldering passions, grows like the sweetest of desert blossoms. But Geoffrey is honor-bound to return to England and an arranged marriage. The last person he expects to see in London is Miss Shelby Matthews. And this time, neither Shelby nor Geoffrey can deny a love that is their destiny..

My thoughts:

I really liked this story because it was not just your typical light, fun historical romance that is over before it had a chance to begin. This story was a long one and timeline was almost a year. A lot happened in this book and not just to the main characters Shelby and Geoff. The side characters also had a story of their own in the side lines. 

Shelby is reckless and headstrong but she is also a wise and a strong woman when she wants to be. Well what I am trying say is that there is many layers to Shelby.  She is a cowgirl one minute and an aristocrat the next. And she moves around both worlds rather comfortably even though there is no doubt to where she rather be.

Geoff is the very smart man who gets that there is no way he can change her and he doesn't want to either and I love that about him. No that is not the issue at all. But they do faces a lot of challenges along the way that they have to endure so that they can be together in the end.

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