Review policy

  • We accept all book forms (e-books and printed books etc) It does not matter to us if you are an Indie author or a published author. You are all welcome to contact us for a review.

  • We prefer to read and review young adult, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, historical romance and adult fiction. You are of course welcome to ask even if your book does not fit any of these genres but we can decline if it is not our taste.

  • It can take one to two months for the reviews to be published depending on how much is on our TBR list.

  • Sometimes we do the reviews together and sometimes we do them separately. If you have any request on who (Cecilia or Sandra) shall do the review, just ask, we will try to arrange that.

  • In all the reviews we will give our honest opinion, good or bad. If you want us to review your book, you will accept good or bad.

  • All reviews will include Author, title, genre, a blurb of the book, our thoughts and a picture of the book.

  • All our reviews will also be posted on and on Barnes and and
  • We are happy to host giveaways, guest posts and do interviews with authors. Please contact us at to arrange that.

  • We reserve the right to decline a book if we do not have the time to review it.

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