(In alphabetic order, sorted by last name)

Adornetto, Alexandra: Halo (Halo #1)
Amare, Mercy: Jaded (Rockstar #1)
Ambrose, Adrianne: Fangs for nothing
Anderson, Derrolyn: Between the land and the sea (Marina´s tales #1)
Anderson, Derrolyn: The moon and the tide (Marina´s tales #2)
Anderson, Derrolyn: The Fate of the muse (Marina´s tales #3)
Anderson, Derrolyn: The Turning tides (Marina´s tales #4)
Anderson, Derrolyn: The Athena Affect (Athena affect #1)
Anderson, Derrolyn: The Mackenzie Legacy (Athena Affect #2)
Angelini, Josephine: Starcrossed
Armstrong, Kelley: The darkest powers series

Barlow, H. Ann: New dawn (The guardian chronicles #1)
Bradley Rede, Laura: Darkride
Bridger, J: Shifted perspective (Tales of change #1)
Browning, Taryn: Dark seeker
Burnett, Dana Michelle: Spiritus (spiritus series #1)
Burnett, Dana Michelle: Haunted (spiritus series #2)
Burnett, Dana Michelle: Incarnated (spiritus series #3)
Berg, Patti: Enchanted

Caine, Rachel:Omnibus 1 (Morganville vampires #1-3)
Caine, Rachel: Feast of fools, Lord of misrule, carpe corpus (Morganville vampires #4-6)
Caine, Rachel: Fade out (Morganville vampires #7)
Caine, Rachel: Black dawn (Morganville vampires #12)
Carroll, Claudia: I never fancied him anyway
Carroll, Claudia: Personally, I blame my fairy god mother
Carroll, Claudia:  Remind me again why I need a man
Caney, Mark: Dolphin way: Rise of the guardians (Dolphin way #1)
Charyn, Jerome: Back to Bataan 
Crabtree, Dusty: Shadow Eyes
Cremer, Andrea: Nightshade (Nightshade series #1)
Cremer, Andrea: Wolfsbane (Nightshade series #2)
Cremer, Andrea: Bloodrose (Nightshade series #3)
Collier, Hope: The Willows; Haven (The Willows #1)
Connally, Colleen: Seductive secrets 

Davis, Kaitlyn: Simmer (Midnight fire series #2)
Duffy, Shannon: Spectral
Duncan, Jenna-Lynne: Hurricane (Hurricane #1)
Dermott, Shannon: Beg for Mercy (Cambion#1)
Dermott, Shannon: Angel of Mercy (Cambion #3)
Dermott, Shannon: Assets (Balance sheet #1)
Dreiling, Vicky: How to marry a duke (How to series #1)
Driscoll, Maureen: Never a mistress, no longer a maid ( Kellington #1)
Driscoll, Maureen: Never miss a chance (Kellington #2)
Dyllin, D.T.: Hidden Gates (PJ Stone Gates triology #1)
Dyllin, D.T.: Broken Gates (PJ Stone Gates triology #2) 

Ermilia (Alvarez, Ermisenda): Blind sight, Leocardo reyes (Blind sight series #1)

Ermilia (Hawthorne, Elizabeth): Blind sight, Aniela Dawson (Blind sight series #2)
E.Miller, Jenny: Asylum (Asylum #1)

Fantaskey, Beth: Jessica´s guide to dating the dark side
Fitzpatrick, Becca: Silence (hush, hush #3)
Fitzpatrick, Becca: Finale (Hush, Hush #4)
Fox, Ian: Only the strongest survive

Haines, Ann: Brunswick
Harris, Milda: Adventures in funeral crashing (funeral crashing #1)
Harrison, Kim: Once dead, Twice shy and Early to death, Early to rise
Hearle, M.J: Winter´s Shadow
Higgins, Kristan: All I ever Wanted
Higginson, Rachel: The Rush (Rush #1)
Hoddell, Mia: The Sheol (The wanderer trilogy #1)
Hoddell, Mia: The Flawless (The wanderer trilogy #2)
Hodge, Lauren: The Apple of Discord (The Discord Triology #1)
Hodge, Lauren: Abomination (The Discord Triology #2)
Hornby, Nick: High Fidelity
Hudson, Tara: Hereafter
Hull, Mary: Eyes from Heaven (book 1)

Jordan, Sophie: Firelight (a firelight novel #1)
Jordan, Sophie: Vanish (a firelight novel #2)

Kate, Lauren: Fallen (Fallen series #1)
Kate, Lauren: Torment (Fallen series #2)
Keyes, Marian:This Charming Man
Keyes, Marian: Rachel´s Holiday

Lamm, Jodi: Titan Magic
Lance, Amanda: Wanted (Book #1)
Lane, Jessie: The Burning star (Star series #1)
Lane, Jessie: Big Bad Bite (Big bad bite #1)
Lane, Jessie: Secret Maneuvers (Secret manuevers #1)
Laurens, Jennifer: Overprotected
Lignor, Amy: Until next time (The angel chronicles #1)

Madow, Michelle: Remembrance (Remembrance #1) 
Madow, Michelle: Vengance (Remembrance #1,5)
Madow, Michelle: Timeless (Remembrance #2)
Magee, Jamie: Insight (Insight series #1)
Magee, Jamie: Embody (Insight series #2)
Magee, Jamie: Image (Insight series #3)
Magee, Jamie: See (See series #1)
Magee, Jamie: Witness
Marshall, C. Clare: The violet fox (The violet fox series #1)
May, Alexandra: Elemental: the first (primord series #1)
May, Alexandra: The Battle of Arcanon Major (The lost Dacomé files #1) 
McKenna, Kathleen: The Wedding gift
Mead, Richelle: Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1)
Mead, Richelle: The golden Lily (Bloodlines #2)
Mead, Emma: Under the desert moon
Michaels, Emma: Owlet (Society of feathers #1)
Miller, Cat: Unbound (The Forbidden Bond #1)
Miller, Jenny E: Asylum
Montague, Kimberly: Altered (setenid blight #1)
Montague, Kimberly: Divided (Setenid blight #2)
Montague, Kimberly: Manipulated (a setenid blight novel)
Morgan, David: The Boo Hag (The Lenny Chronicals #1)

Noel, Susannah: Word and breath (wordless chronicles #1)

Novak, Brenda: Of noble birth (high seas adventure #1)
Nellenbach, Karla J: A Sliver of Hope

O´Flanagan, Sheila: The perfect man

Parker, Mary: The awakening of Leeowyn blake (The Kahl'Nar saga #1)

Pepper, Adam: Symphony of blood, a Hank Mondale supernatural case
Perry, Jolene: Night sky 
Pike, Aprilynne: Wings (wings #1)
Plum, Amy: Die for me (Revenants #1)

Roberts, Nora: The search

Sayer, D.H: Deadly reflections

Selleck, Kristen: Asylum (Birch harbor series #1)
Selleck, Kristen: Abrahams men (Birch harbor series #2)
Selleck, Kristen: The Kirkbride plan (Birch harbor series #3)
Sharp, Anthea: Feyland; The dark realm (Feyland series #1)
Shayne, Maggie: Fairytale (Fairies of Rush #1)
Sheehan-Miles, Charles: Just Remember to Breathe (Thompson sisters #1) 
Showalter,Gena: Intertwined (intertwined series #1)
Showalter, Gena: Unraveled (Intertwined series #2)
Showalter, Gena: Twisted (Intertwined series #3)
Simone, Celeste: Oriana´s Eyes
Sokoloff, Alexandra: The space between
Sorensen, Jessica: The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden (The coincidence#1)
Soule, Sherry: Beautifully broken (spellbound series #1)
Soule, Sherry: Moonlight Mayhem (spellbound series #2)
Soule, Sherry: Immortal Eclipse
Stanley, Brenda: The color of snow
Stewart, Nathaniel: The last Alignment (book 1)
Stewart Shiu, Tricia: Moa (Moa #1)
Stroube, J.D: Caged in darkness (Caged #1)
Sullivan, Faith: Take me now (Take me now #1)

Tyler, Pavarti, K: Shadow on the wall (The sandstorm chronicles #1)  
Tyler, Evan: A happy Accident 
Thorne, Rachael, J: Last regress (book1)
Thomas, T.D: Hera, Queen of Gods (Goddess unbound #1)

Wheatley, Elizabeth: The key of Amatahns (The Argatellam saga #1)
Wheatley, Elizabeth: The secrets of the Vanmars (The Argetallam Saga #2)
Willis, Ashley Lynn: The Calling
Wilson Doherty: Ashlyn´s Radio
Wright, Kenya: Fire baptized (Habitat #1)